John DeTitta - John DeTitta Technology

John DeTitta filed the first patent in 2002 that has changed the way artists are funded. "When I went through the process of seeking funding for our film, I saw the difficulties the artist has to do to be creative" John DeTitta stated, I simply wanted to help them along".

Long before crowdfunding was ever introduced into the market, John DeTitta had applied for a patent that way ahead of it's time.  The model purpose was to allow the Fans to keep funds in their pocket and allow the advertisers to pay for artists projects. The concept was called "TIME FUNDING" and it can reach 100% of the population who want to assist in funding of the arts. 

To date John DeTitta has filed 6 patent that all assist artists seek funding through means and protect the fans who support them. 

He has also built three main sites to encompass all the markets.

John DeTitta